SharePoint 2016

Hi, Are you planning to update SPM for 2016? Thanks! RP

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Sharepoint Manager 2013 won't display webapplication node

I'm using Sharepoint 2013, today without any special action from me, sharepoint manager 2013 won't display the web application node ... so i'ts basically useless ? any help ??

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Running SPM 2013 on Windows 2012 R2

Hi! im trying to run the SPM2013 manager on my SharePoint dev machine. Im running as admin but im still only getting the Farm properties and information. It doesnt resolve the SharePoint webapplica...

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Unable to load one or more of the requested types. retrieve the loader exceptions

I am getting this error when I tried to run the exe. Any advise on this issue is helpful. Thanks, Prasad

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Unhandled exception when deleting site column that is in use

When you attempt to delete a site column that is still included in a site content type (but you didn't know that ahead of time) you get an ugly unhandled exception dialog with two choices: Continu...

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Unable to add or edit farm level properties in SP Manager 2013

I have downloaded SharePoint Manager 2013 onto my virtual farm but it is not allowing me to edit properties on there. I'm using an account which has access to the DB and has farm level admin rights...

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Error on selection of broken/invalid External List

I've some external list that refer to no more existent external content. On browser clicking the list return this error on the list "ReadEntities.aspx" page. The error is this: "Entity (External Co...

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Doesn't show list items

In SP2013 it doesn't show list items (asset library)

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SharePoint Manager 2013

Release of the new version

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Can't Install SharePoint Manager

I am installing on the SharePoint server, running as administrator. I am admin on the SharePoint farm and I also have the database access as suggested on another post to this site. I get no error m...

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