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Unhandled exception when deleting site column that is in use


When you attempt to delete a site column that is still included in a site content type (but you didn't know that ahead of time) you get an ugly unhandled exception dialog with two choices:
  • Continue
  • Quit
It is not clear if it is safe to Continue.

Wouldn't it be preferred to catch the exception and display a friendly dialog along the lines of:
  • SharePoint Manager was unable to delete this site column. The following error was returned:
    • Site columns which are included in content types or on lists cannot be deleted. Please remove all instances of this site column prior to deleting it.
Then I would have some confidence that it is safe to continue and proceed to remove the site column from any content types or lists before re-attempting to delete it.

  • SharePoint Manager 2013
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Jish wrote Jul 31, 2013 at 9:54 PM

this is not just for site columns but also for custom content types. same behavior, in terms of unhandled exception